Agile water-bombing capacity for helicopters with Helitak tanks  

Agile water-bombing capacity for helicopters with Helitak tanks  
Written by Andrew Miller,

Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment is an industry leader in aerial firefighting technology. The company’s growing core of intellectual property (IP) stems from an innovative, expandable water tank that can be fitted to the underbelly of a helicopter. This technology provides a relatively low cost, safe, efficient and easy way to convert popular helicopter models for use in aerial firefighting.

Advanced, end-to-end manufacturing capability

Since Helitak was founded in 2006 by Jason Schellaars on the back of his evangelism for helicopter water delivery, the focus has always been to build internal skillsets. This determination has resulted in the present-day, single-facility capacity to design, produce, test and support multiple types of helicopter tank as well as the myriad ancillary systems required to operate them.

Unique attachment mechanisms

An important aspect of Helitak’s IP and the main reason they continue to create more, is because each different helicopter model requires a custom-designed tank-attachment mechanism for it to be fitted with a collapsible tank. A new design also needs to be approved by the aircraft manufacturer and relevant air traffic authorities – so there is an unusually significant amount of front-end business development and back-end product design work in every product Helitak brings to market.

Repeated support from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

Accelerating Commercialisation support is helping fast-track Helitak’s commercialisation strategy and international market entries. As an example, grant funds have paid for the construction of prototypes for destructive testing and obtaining the relevant international certifications. Helitak and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme recently committed to funding a second stage of the AC grant bringing the total value of the agreed project work to $1,957,846.

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Agile water bombing capacity for helicopters with Helitak tanks  


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Agile water bombing capacity for helicopters with Helitak tanks