AgriGard: Protecting Farmers of the World 

AgriGard: Protecting Farmers of the World 
Written by Greg Riebe,

The Problem: Over 1000 header fires per year, and that’s just Australia  

Agricultural industry experts state that Australia’s broadacre harvesting conditions are arguably the most dangerous for fires. Indeed, Australian farmers experience over 1000 header fires per year.  

When fires are not detected or not suppressed in time, they can lead to complete loss of million-dollar machines, and potentially result in the loss of crops, and even lives. At a minimum, valuable time may be lost to repair the machine, which can delay the harvest and cause further financial losses. But this is not just an Australian problem, it is experienced all around the world.  

The Solution: Monitor, Suppress, Prevent  

AgriGard is a unique advanced fire monitoring and suppression technology that can sense potential fires on a combine harvester quickly and more accurately and, if triggered, uses a safe suppressant that doesn’t require days to clean thereby substantially reducing the time to get back to harvesting.  

AgriGard simply retrofits to existing combine harvesters and also provides remote monitoring.  

A Great Fit for Accelerating Commercialisation  

TechNoL had developed a keen and deep understanding of the potential for, and impact of, fires on critical and expensive harvesting equipment. The company then set about to innovate the best technology to efficiently monitor the conditions that can create and result in equipment fires, and then combined that with the best solution to suppress the emergence of a fire.  

TechNoL is a great fit for Accelerating Commercialisation because it had validated its technology and solution in a number of field trials and was well positioned if it could successfully demonstrate the commercial value to farmers and harvester equipment operators. A successful demonstration would lead farmers to buying the AgriGard product and the simple retrofitting of it to thousands of headers in Australia and the world.  

TechNoL has the potential to not only see Australia continue to be a world leader in agricultural technology, but importantly grow Australian jobs and generate exports.  

Where Next?  

Agriculture is a huge global sector. Australian is seen as a leader. A successful commercialisation project will enable TechNoL to engage with global distribution channels and take AgriGard to the world. 

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AgriGard: Protecting Farmers of the World 


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AgriGard: Protecting Farmers of the World