Athlete’s AI: Performance analytics for the masses

Athlete’s AI: Performance analytics for the masses
Written by Kate Jenkins,

Adelaide-based startup Athlete’s AI uses sophisticated video analytics technology to improve performance in Tennis and Cricket. The best part? All you need is your smartphone.

The early days

Athlete’s AI Co-Founder David To started playing tennis when he was 10 years old after a tennis coach visited his Primary School to give lessons. Although he fell in love with the sport straight away, David describes himself as a late bloomer; not playing seriously until the age of 20 – when he achieved his first world ranking.

While playing professionally, David was completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering but he’d always had a strong interest in technology – particularly the kind that helps increase efficiency in daily tasks. This curiosity would lead to the initial idea for Athlete’s AI.

Finding the right team

When David first had the idea for a video analytics platform that would be accessible for amateur athletes, he knew he’d need to team up with an expert in machine learning. This is where Mark McDonnell came in. After conversing with him via email from the US over a few months and agreeing they were both interested in starting a company, they were referred to Guy Gallasch and together, the three became Co-Founders of Athlete’s AI.

The Athlete’s AI Team: Mark McDonnell (Chief Technology Officer), Guy Gallasch (Chief Product Officer) and David To (Chief Executive Officer)

The Road to Commercialisation

The Athlete’s AI team was mentored by Accelerating Commercialisation Facilitator, Grant Steinberg at Hybrid World SA in 2019. After witnessing the potential of their technology, he encouraged them to apply for the program and later that year, they were awarded a grant of $287,000 to support the commercialisation of their product across two sports.

“Our Facilitator has been absolutely fantastic, both through his support with our Accelerating Commercialisation grant application and general advice. He is thorough and always asks the right questions given his deep experience with startups.”

– David To, Co-Founder & CEO | Athlete’s AI

After being invited to provide their services at the inaugural ATP Cup in 2020, the team were met with significantly higher demand for their technology at the elite level than they anticipated. Since then, they’ve also formed a partnership with Cricket Australia to adapt their technology to the sport. 
So what’s next for Athlete’s AI? David says that their intention was always to make their technology accessible to the masses and that remains their focus today.

To learn more about Athlete’s AI, visit their website at

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Athlete’s AI: Performance analytics for the masses


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Athlete’s AI: Performance analytics for the masses