Cardihab: Health Data analytics to boost cardiac rehabilitation impact

Cardihab: Health Data analytics to boost cardiac rehabilitation impact
Written by Stephen Bradford,

Cardihab were recently awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant of $782,768 under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme to commercialise CROPS (Cardiac Rehabilitation Outcomes and Process Synopsis), which will provide vital data to clinicians, health providers and patients enabling significant improvements in the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation. Cardihab’s application was a compelling fit for the Accelerating Commercialisation service for several reasons:  

Novel solution to unmet clinical need 

While cardiac rehabilitation programs are linked to significant benefit to patients, they are grossly underutilised and under resourced. CROPS supports the scaling of quality cardiac rehabilitation programs, via the timely access to currently unavailable data and associated efficiency gains. For clinicians CROPS supports the tracking of patient progress and enables comparison against clinical benchmarks and real-world evidence, and it enables healthcare providers to assess and improve efficiency of care delivery.  

Unique and valuable data set underpinning product  

Currently only limited data is available on how a patient is progressing in their rehabilitation, with essentially no insights available on how they are performing compared to a large population of cardiac rehabilitation patients. For over three years Cardihab have collected, and continue to build, a detailed and diverse clinical data set (real-world evidence), presenting a unique asset and competitive advantage. 

Strong engagement with future customers 

Through deep engagement with cardiac rehabilitation stakeholders, Cardihab have identified the types of data and analysis that customers need. This means the Accelerating Commercialisation project can clearly target building what the customer wants and support the adoption of CROPS, by these customers, once development and validation is complete.  

Great team  

Cardihab have a strong team to deliver the well-planned project. It consists of great leadership and internal capacity, and draws on experienced external providers where needed. Cardihab have an experienced governance board that is a good fit for the stage of the company. 

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Cardihab: Health Data analytics to boost cardiac rehabilitation impact


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Cardihab: Health Data analytics to boost cardiac rehabilitation impact