Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA): Revolutionising bulk-material conveyor systems 

Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA): Revolutionising bulk-material conveyor systems 
Written by Andrew Miller,

CMA is driving a step change in safety and operational improvements for underground mining and civil tunnelling operations with its modular and revolutionary conveyor technology Redline. By completely re-thinking belt conveyor design, Redline effectively relocates personnel away from the most congested and highest-risk area of an underground operation, whilst laying the foundation for complete automation. The company was founded in 2014 by industry veterans who recognised an opportunity to dramatically reduce downtime and equipment wastage while installing and decommissioning conveyors. Through strong support from early investors as well as a specialty commercialisation facilitator, the company has developed its IP portfolio of new-to-world conveyor systems for both underground and surface material handling applications. 

Significantly increased rates of underground mine and tunnel development 

In addition to safety and maintenance-related benefits, Redline unlocks additional productive time associated with conveyor workings which is driving productivity and improving the development rate of underground mining and tunnelling. By eliminating downtime which is unavoidable with traditional conveyor construction and removal, Redline allows conveyor workings to more readily keep pace with leading excavation and ore extraction activities. 

Real-world demonstration the last hurdle 

Installation and operation of the first commercial-grade prototype of the Redline conveyor technology is the last significant challenge for CMA to overcome before customer acceptance and full system commercial deployments. A $1.27million Accelerating Commercialisation project has been planned by CMA to deliver this key milestone and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme will provide 50% of that project funding. 

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Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA): Revolutionising bulk material conveyor systems 


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Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA): Revolutionising bulk material conveyor systems