Improved access to medical imaging made possible through grant funding  

Improved access to medical imaging made possible through grant funding  
Written by Jenny Aiken,

Aurabox Pty Ltd has received $499,072 in grant funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Accelerating Commercialisation service to commercialise their cloud-based platform that allows a patient’s complete medical imaging history to be stored in one place and easily accessed and shared by their treating doctors.

Solving a daily frustration for medical professionals

Aurabox’s platform is solving a significant problem that currently has no solution. Medical practitioners are unable to efficiently access and share medical imaging from different sources, which causes daily frustration, wastes precious time and is a significant burden to our health system. In fact, the issue is so significant that it is a current priority of the Australian Digital Health Agency.   

A strong team of founders  

Dr Chaturica Athukorala, Aurabox CEO, is a radiologist with over 10 years’ industry experience and a comprehensive understanding of the problem Aurabox is solving. Her co-founder and CTO, Christopher Skene, is a highly experienced digital transformation consultant with more than 15 years of technical expertise. Their diverse skill set and proven ability to execute make them the perfect team.    

Compelling market demand  

Aurabox’s primary target market is medical specialists who work in image intensive specialties such as oncology, gastroenterology, respiratory medicine and neurology. These doctors require medical imaging for diagnosis and rely on image comparison to monitor treatment response and disease progression. As a result of this heavy reliance on imaging to do their job, and a current system that is tedious, time consuming and inadequate; these specialists could not wait to have access to the Aurabox platform. They were ready, willing and able to pay the Aurabox subscription fee, indicating that Aurabox will have a captive market at the conclusion of their Accelerating Commercialisation project. 

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Improved access to medical imaging made possible through grant funding  


The companies delivering the projects have achieved outstanding results in attracting private investment.

*as at 17 June 2022 and based on the exchange rate of $1 USD to $1.42AUD – From Pitchbook analysis of recipients announced up to May 2022

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Improved access to medical imaging made possible through grant funding