Key Energy pioneers flywheel energy storage for off-grid power markets

Key Energy pioneers flywheel energy storage for off-grid power markets
Written by Andrew Miller,

Leon Energy (t/a Key Energy) were recently awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant of $325,000 under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneur’s Programme to support the commercialisation of its proprietary flywheel-based, stand-alone power system (SAPS). 

This short article gives an overview of the technology and how Accelerating Commercialisation funding will be applied to help Key Energy make important technical and commercial progress in the lead-up to a full market launch. 

Working with Howard Leong through the Accelerating Commercialisation program has been a great experience on many levels, but arguably the most significant is fostering Australian export potential in the field of eco-friendly battery systems. 

‘Revolutionary’ approach to off-grid power systems with Key Energy’s new technology 

Key Energy has developed the Smart Energy Storage Solution for Alpha (SENSSA) and is nearly ready to launch in both domestic and international markets. SENSSA is far more cost effective and ESG-aligned than current stand-alone power systems (SAPS) which are predominantly based on either lithium, diesel, or chemical batteries, hence the A for Alpha – a market-beating investment. Key Energy is bringing flywheel energy storage to off-grid power markets and could be the first in the world to harness this commercially. 

Circa 2-year trial project period entering final phase   

Key Energy has been working closely both with its key partner Amber Kinetics and initial customer – a large Australian energy company that requires a vast network off-grid power systems to operate its extensive overland infrastructure. The four-flywheel SAPS SENSSA system installed at a site in Young NSW embodied Key Energy’s patent-pending technology and unique off-grid subject matter expertise, but it also identified a key market requirement in the need for the flywheel batteries to be supplied as an above ground solution. This is a typical situation and the kind of unforeseen development requirement that can cripple an early-stage innovation company – enter Accelerating Commercialisation grant funding.  

Demonstration of the minimum-install cost iteration of the SENSSA system 

Accelerating Commercialisation grant funds will be used to complete the final development requirements for Key Energy’s off-grid power system offering and gain the necessary electrical certifications (including a full-scale, in-field demonstration project). By completing this work sooner than would otherwise be the case, Key Energy will be much better equipped to raise further capital and a high-momentum market launch will be possible. 

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Key Energy pioneers flywheel energy storage for off grid power markets


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Key Energy pioneers flywheel energy storage for off grid power markets