Seed Terminator: integrated weed management

Seed Terminator: integrated weed management
Written by Kerstin Schuetz,

As one of i4 Connect’s Commercialisation Facilitators, I often get asked for examples of successful grantee companies and why they were a good fit for Accelerating Commercialisation. I recently assisted Seed Terminator, who were awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant $1 million under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. The company’s new product is focused on weed elimination as a process integrated into the operation of large scale combine harvesters used to manage broad acre crops. Let’s take a look at the reasons why their company made a compelling case for Accelerating Commercialisation.   

The new technology designed by Seed Terminator is highly novel with strong IP protection in place. This will enable the company to maintain a long-term position in the global market, as it presents a significant barrier to competitors. 

The commercialisation potential of this technology is large and global. Successful completion of the project supported by the grant will help to position the company as a global market leader, with significant flow-on impact on the Australian economy and agricultural manufacturing sector. 

The track record and strong complementary skill set of the management team. This positioned the company well for execution of the project and commercialisation of the new technology. I would consider the right team to be one of the most important factors in a company’s success. Without the right team, even the best technologies may fail to be successful in the market long term.  

Their innovative approach to product development and manufacturing and close relationships with global OEM’s. Strong relationships with customers and global partners in manufacturing drive innovation and strongly position companies to maintain a long-term leading position in the market. They also demonstrate strong market pull versus technology push. 

Completion of the Accelerating Commercialisation project will help Seed Terminator to achieve the next critical step in scaling their business and solidifying global market share.   

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Seed Terminator: integrated weed management


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Seed Terminator: integrated weed management