Taking the Hazard out of Drilling and Blasting 

Taking the Hazard out of Drilling and Blasting 
Written by Greg Riebe,

The Problem: Profound Risk   

Drilling and Blasting is one of the most dangerous activities in mining today. Mining personnel involved in these activities are often working very steep slopes, in extreme heat and, still today, carrying by hand buckets of explosives or stemming materials (sometimes up to 20kg at a time). This presents profound risk – not only for physical safety but also quality in the measurement and loading of blast holes.

If a blast hole is drilled into an area where there may be a subterranean cavity, it can pose a real danger if the hole is overloaded with explosives. This can cause the hole to be overly charged, which may lead to an uncontrolled explosion.

The Solution: Remotely controlled Robotic Loading of Blast Hole Explosives  

The Jevons Auto Load and Stem System is a world first autonomous loading method of blast holes on contoured, steep, and unstable ground. The technology eliminates significant employee hazards and safety risks by removing human involvement in dangerous activity and improving the accurate measurement of blast hole loading quality at the same time. So, while the technology also delivers significant productivity gains, it is the removal of safety risks that is the most attractive value for the miners.

A Great Fit for Accelerating Commercialisation  

Prior to reaching out to the Accelerating Commercialisation program, Jevons Robotics had completed sufficient research and development (R&D) to verify the deep science behinds its AI systems, and to validate its ability to engineer a system that could operate in the hostile environments in remote mines and solve the profound risks.  

To commercialise its technology, Jevons had also pulled together a world class team, established partnerships with key industry players and secured interest with prospective customers to participate in a commercial demonstration to establish that it would be worthwhile to procure.  

Because of this effort, the commercialisation project of the Jevons’ Auto Load and Stem System was a great fit for the Accelerating Commercialisation program. The company had done the preparatory work and had a clear outcome that had a reasonable chance of being achieved.  

Where Next?  

The Jevons’ commercialisation project, once completed, will provide the track record to take the Jevons’ Auto Load and Stem System to the world.  

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Taking the Hazard out of Drilling and Blasting 


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Taking the Hazard out of Drilling and Blasting