Visibuild: Purpose built quality assurance platform

Visibuild: Purpose built quality assurance platform
Written by Vahram Papyan,

Visibuild has developed an innovative quality assurance platform for the building and construction industry. This software platform provides real-time insights by enabling 100% visibility and access to all project stakeholders’ quality assurance (QA) data. Visibuild provides key decision-makers with real-time analysis of all inspection and test checks to create a single source of truth for construction projects. 

Quality Assurance in the Building and Construction Industry

The growing demand for residential and commercial buildings and the current shortage of suitably qualified workforce has put enormous pressure on service quality. According to industry experts, the skills shortage will only worsen, and it is forecasted that by 2023 there will be more than 100,000 unfilled jobs in the industry. On the other hand, reports suggest that Australians have spent $10.5 billion over the last decade rectifying construction defects. It is evident that such productivity losses have significant economic ramifications at both the state and national levels.  

New Solution  

The QA process in the construction and building industry is mainly done using paperwork or digital templates that are unsuitable. To ensure a smooth transition of workflows, the industry needs a tool to help with record keeping and identifying defects and sources of structural issues. Visibuild software platform will enable real-time insights by enabling accessibility to all project stakeholders, capturing field QA data when completing works, allowing immediate data retrieval for anytime inspection and test checks, and being a field-first single source of the data about a construction project. 

What’s Next

The subsequent trials at scale will be instrumental for further validating the value proposition and reliability of the platform in different construction types, sites and states and will be used to help Visibuild commercialise this service and access a global marketplace.  

Under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, the company was awarded a $488,500 Accelerating Commercialisation grant to deliver a 12-month project with a total project cost of $2,500,000. 

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Visibuild: Purpose built quality assurance platform


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Visibuild: Purpose built quality assurance platform