World-first, novel real-time dosimetry sensor stickers  

World-first, novel real-time dosimetry sensor stickers  
Written by Tamara Martin,

The problem with existing dosimeters is that they are expensive, sometimes invasive, large and clunky, and unable to measure skin depth in real-time. Therefore, accurate radiation dosage is difficult and can result in damage to the patient’s healthy cells. Traditional dosimeters require arduous calibration and cleaning after each use. 

No existing solution offers the ability to manage the radiation dosage, with a high degree of accuracy, in real-time during therapy.   

When making our novelty assessment for the Accelerating Commercialisation program, we consider a combination of factors. This technology meets the mark with each aspect of novelty, specifically in that it is: 

Valuable: the MOSkin sensor addresses an unmet need to deliver a unique suite of value adds that are not currently available. Customers are highly motivated to buy as the MOSkin sensors are able to deliver an accurate, real-time readout – the main gripe of medical physicists when treating patients with radiation. From the many additional value adds, another key proposition in high demand and not available in the market is the flat and transparent architecture of the MOSkin sensor enabling more accurate skin dosage, compatibility with associated treatment equipment and the transparency that does not inhibit the vision of the physician when conducting radiological treatments on the patient.    

Rare: this technology is rare in that whilst there are technologies competing to solve the same problem, there are none that are doing this in real-time – delivering repeatable measurements, and capable of skin depth measurements. The transparent and flat design is easy to use with other equipment and non-obstructive for other treatments and tests, including intra-cavity, enabling independent sensor monitoring. 

Inimitable: Unique protection mechanisms and the complexity of design reduce imitability of the technology and increase barriers to competitors. 

What makes this team stand out is their world leading domain expertise, the support of a diverse cohort of industry advisors, and strong stakeholder relationships both locally and internationally.  

It has been a privilege as a Commercialisation Facilitator to support this team on their Accelerating Commercialisation journey and I feel proud to watch from the side lines as Electrogenics demonstrate a gold standard in commercialising technology translated from research, in a highly competitive medical industry. 

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World first, novel real time dosimetry sensor stickers  


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World first, novel real time dosimetry sensor stickers